1. Call to Order
2. Invocation- Councilman Willie Knowles
3. Pledge of Allegiance- Councilman Willie Curry
4. Roll Call
5. Adopt minutes for August 10, 2015 Regular Council Meeting and August 26, 2015 Special Meeting as published.

Public Comments
(Citizens’ Communication to Council may be made on agenda items only. Louisiana Open Meeting Laws provide that the public has the opportunity to address the board prior to taking any action on an agenda item at today’s meeting. As you speak, please identify yourself by name and address and state the agenda item on which you intend to speak. Please limit comments to 3 minutes.)

Old Business

New Business
1. Introduce Ordinance Amending Ordinance #11-912 Regarding the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages within the City Limits on Sunday
2. Declaration of fire apparatus as surplus -1984 American Lafrance Fire Truck – Homer Fire Department
3. Declaration of culverts as surplus – Lyons Hill Bridge
4. Discuss and approve letter requesting one day alcohol permit for Great Harmonica Festival scheduled October 17, 2015 -Main Street Homer.
5. Notice of Intent to Apply for Financial Assistance USDA Rural Development-Homer Police Department
6. Resolution #15-016 -Town of Homer Electronic Codification- Authorizing Councilman Rich to prepare Electronically Homer Code of 2015.

Willie Curry -District 1, Vannessia Kirk -District 2, Keldron Johnston -District 3, Brandon Rich -District 4,
Knowles -District 5

“This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider”

7. Approve resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute an Agreement with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD) to Rehabilitate Rotating Beacon Support Structure at the Homer Municipal Airport. #15-017

Mayor’s Reports
1. Mayor’s Office – Speed Bumps on Pearl Street and Hill Street.
2. Homer Housing Authority – Debra Sarpy, Director
3. Public Works – Commendations – Mayor Lewis
4. Grants
5. Financials
6. Police
7. Main Street


Twenty-four hour notice is hereby given and publicly posted on September 11, 2015.

_______Lori C. Kirkpatrick, Town Clerk______
(Name and Position of Authorized Person)
______________Town of Homer__________

_____400 East Main St – Homer, LA 71040___
__________ (318) 927-3555_______________

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance, please
Contact Lori C. Kirkpatrick at (318) 927-3555 describing the assistance that is necessary