Welcome to the Town of Homer and Welcome to the Town of Homer's official website!

Hello Everyone! We have finally launched a new website that I hope will make it easier for residents and visitors alike to learn about our Town and the services and programs that are available. We have worked hard to design a website that we hope will also reflect recent changes in our municipality and the progressive view we have taken as we plan for our future. As Mayor, it has my vision to improve the quality of life we should enjoy and the municipal services we expect while providing opportunity for future development and economic growth.

During these difficult economic times we have designed our budget to address the many fiscal challenges we face while maintaining our present and planning and building for the future. As a result, it is our hope that the Town of Homer will flourish and attract new businesses and industry to provide employment and better opportunities for our citizens.

I hope you will make time to visit our community for a day or an extended visit. The Town of Homer is rich in history and tradition, values that we hold dear.

Thank you for visiting our website and do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to make comment on the launching of our new website. Again, I welcome you. We invite you to come and visit us anytime. We pride ourselves on an open –door policy so if you ever need us just stop by or call us!

Sincerely yours in service,

Danny Roy Lewis